USA_flagBest poker, sportsbook + casino for US players, big bonus, deposit options for US customers.

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Bet365 Poker

Our Top Room Pick. Best tournaments + support, lots of fish. Best Sportsbetting odds!

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Carbon Poker

USA_flagEasy deposit options, great choice for US players. $600 bonus, very fishy room with lots of tournaments.

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Top room with a Bonus of $600, still the largest poker room. Lots of fish, massive tournament calendar.

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Drawing dead / Drawing live

It happens very often that you think you are ahead in the hand or your hand has good chances to improve to a winning hand, while in reality you are already behind with little or no chance of winning. Example: Yopu hold AKo, your opponent holds AA. The flop comes AK7 rainbow. You think you are ahead, but the truth is you need two Kings on Turn and River, because your opponent will otherwise have the better 3oak or full house. This is a typical case of drawing dead. Your hand is dominated by your opponents hand. So, when calculating the outs, you must never forget that a card that improves your hand might actually improve the opponents hand even more.
Typical “drawing live” situation: The Opponent has QJo, your hand is AKo. Flop comes J73 rainbow. Here all Aces and Kings are outs (6 outs).


When you hit your card on the turn, you can still loose on the river if your opponent gets lucky. Say you hold AQh and the flop shows 9h 7h 7d. You have a nutflushdraw. The turn brings 2h. Your flush has materialized! You bet, but your opponent calls. The river card is 9c. You bet again, but now your opponent raises you. It turns out that he had two pair on the flop (Nines and Sevens) and the river gave him a full house. Nevertheless it was right to bet on turn and river. But after the opponents raise on the river, you should not re-raise but just call if there is a pair on the board.
Deposit options for US poker fans

If you are based in the US, finding a poker room that accepts US players is only one of your problems. It is also difficult to make money transfers. But there are a number of options for deposits and withdrawals for US gamblers and we have described them here ... read more

All Freeroll Poker Tournaments starting now

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Play Poker and Blackjack at the same room

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European Poker Tour qualifiers

The European Poker Tour is becoming more and more popular. With moderate buy-ins, but very large prize pools, a lot of money can be made at these events. In consequence, several rooms are offering satellites to qualify for the offline EPT events. To find out which rooms offer the best chances for EPT qualification read this article.